The game started out slow (very boring) for both teams

The game started out slow (very boring) for both teams. The Cowboys’ offense looked familiar. Short passes, predictable runs, formations and personnel. Both teams were set to become headed into half time tied 6-6, but Dak Prescott led the Boys on the field and linked with Ezekiel Elliott Madden Overdrive Coins who put using a sick turn to get by the defender striking the pylon. Up 13-9 within the third quarter, the Cowboys would again count on Elliott, but boy, did he have help not only from your big guys in the beginning, but in addition his receivers because he went in untouched for the 23-yard touchdown. The Cowboys now held a compelling lead, 20-9. Although the Cowboys were up in score as being the clock was winding down inside the fourth, they clearly didn’t feel safe Madden Overdrive Coins for sale enough while they continued and keep a balanced offense, happy to throw the ball. The Prescott, Allen Hurns connection is quiet up to now, but here they connect for 43-yards, which squeeze offense in place for another field goal. Up only 26-16, the Cowboys left enough time around the clock for Russell Wilson as well as the Seahawks to tie the action up using a final drive. Randy Gregory, who made his return now had other ideas, when he brought on the elusive Wilson for just a sack. (0)

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