dominate on Mile-High ground in Denver?

Last week, our simulation had the Cowboys defeating the Giants 41-30, in a very shootout. The actual game turned out for being much less high-powered, however the Cowbys did come Madden NFL Overdrive Coins away victorious. This week, they face another tough test while they travel to Denver. The Broncos hung on with a win through the skin in their teeth after blocking a could be game-tying kick because of the Chargers. Last season, the Broncos’ krpytonite was teams who are able to run the football. They were the 4th-worst defense from the Buy Madden NFL Overdrive Coins in rushing yards allowed. The Cowboys exploited this facet inside the simulation and may surely try and on Sunday because the Broncos’ secondary is not to kind to young quarterbacks. Both teams suffered some injuries during opening weekend, here’s who was simply inactive (for simulation purposes, we gave Terrance Williams and Ronald Leary the benefit in the doubt coupled with them active with the game): (0)

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